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About us


Cutebone Pet Apparel is a company owned business. We design and produce pet clothing ourselves, fully control every single part of the production to make sure we can offer the highest standard products to every furbaby. Young design team and experienced tailors make sure our products are original, trendy and comfortable. We care about quality and safety more than cost. Our aim is to treat our furbaby the way we treat our human baby.
We always believe that our baby dogs just like ourselves,they not only need clothes to keep warm and stay away from dirty, but also need fashion clothes to represent their own personalities and unique places. They need kinds of special products to improve their life. As a result, you may find the most amazing design, reasonable price and ideal quality of products in Cute Bone. We hope that your love can transmit to your baby pets with our fantastic products!
How we got our start?
Since 2016, we have provided personalized styling services for thousands of pets. Especially the banana pajamas style, which is popular with pet owners and loved by many celebrities!
What makes our product unique?
CuteBone's clothes make dogs look cuter and more fashionable, and they are now many fur kid's favorite like bones.
Why we love what we do?
Pets make our life happy, CuteBone make our pets’ life better! POWERED BY UEESHOP

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